What is the Adult Accelerated Studies Track

For more than 40 years, Colby Community College has offered, high-quality, in-demand degrees for traditional students on our main campus and outreach locations. But we understand that not all students are a traditional student right out of high school, and not all students choose to earn their degree in a traditional semester format. The Colby Community College Adult Accelerated Studies track caters to busy adult learners who want to further their education without placing their life on hold. Our innovative Accelerated Studies courses for adult education provides a path to obtain your Associate degree with classes offered in an accelerated eight (8) week format at our main campus and extended campus locations powered by our Elluminate Live classroom and eCollege NeXt Learning Management System platform. With this advanced instructional technology you will join our on campus class wherever you are, all you need is a computer and Internet connection.


Students who have been out of high school for at least 2 years and have 1 year of professional experience qualify for Accelerated Studies Adult Learners status.

Colby College’s Accelerated Studies for adult education provides a quality education that is convenient, flexible, and highly personalized to meet the growing demands and needs of today's adult learner. Our faculty understand your multiple obligations, and are here to assist you each step of your educational journey. Whether you started working toward a degree many years ago and never finished it, changing careers, or if you are simply ready to start your pursuit of a degree, the Professional Studies track will help make your educational goals a reality.

Colby Community College has a long tradition of academic rigor, intellectual exchange, and faculty commitment to each student's personal development. Our Associate's to Bachelor's Plan guides students through a seamless transition from an Associate degree to a Bachelors degree with our transfer institutions. By choosing to earn your degree at Colby Community College through the Professional Studies track, you choose to take control of your education. Because we know you need flexibility to complete your degree, our programs are designed with you in mind.

  • Most courses are five weeks in length.
  • This allows for more intense learning, but a shorter time commitment per course.
  • There are up to eight, five week sessions each year. You can take classes each consecutive session, or if family and work obligations require you to sit out a session, you can do so without putting your entire goal on hold.

At Colby Community College through the Accelerated Studies track, we make earning your degree possible!

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