Adult Accelerated Studies In Criminal Justice - Applied Science

Courses offered in the Criminal Justice major are designed to prepare students for leadership positions in all areas of the Criminal Justice System. While other academic institutions offer criminal justice-type courses that prepare police officers, security officers and other foundational positions, Colby College offers students courses assist the student transcend the bridge from learner to leader. The Colby Community College Criminal Justice Program is designed to assist students in all levels of their career development in the cross-disciplines required of the criminal justice practitioners that go beyond the practical skills of lesser degrees in other schools. The Colby Community College Criminal Justice Program uses a variety of theoretical and applied approaches to engage students in examining theory and behavioral contexts of the criminal element. 

Students in the Criminal Justice Program are encouraged to question, confront and embrace the world of aberrant behaviors. Instructors in this Program facilitate student exploration of criminal behavior and the criminal justice system with the goals of creating an educational foundation in the discipline guided by students eventually performing the common good. The Colby Community College Criminal Justice Program empowers practitioners in all areas of the Criminal Justice System: rank and file, middle management and future leaders to understand criminal behavior and make ethical and effective contributions to their public and professional organizations.

Regardless of student standing in their perspective careers, or whether they are just beginning their journey, the Colby Community College Criminal Justice Program will prepare them for promotional opportunities in an existing career. 

Colby College Criminal Justice faculty are experienced, active or retired practitioners who bring to the classroom the reality of each discipline, and who have an extensive network of professional colleagues who enhance the validity of courses and who, as guest speakers, ensure that course material is contemporary, realistic, interesting and enjoyable for all career-minded students.

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