chapter 2 interrogatoins


Before starting and interview, an interviewer must have the information to continue the interview. The facts would be from documents, records and victim and witness interviews.

Factual analysis is very important skill that someone would need to develop. It means finding a motivation for crime. They would need to know the type of weapon used and a vehicle type used. They would also need to know a security code and possession of keys. This information will help locate the suspect responsible for the crime. Here are some suggestions to get facts to get a possible interview with the suspect. Before conducting and interview, you should become familiar with the facts and circumstances of the crime. The information should be from reliable sources so that the information isn’t wrong. If inaccurate, it will cause interference in the interrogation.
Next, the investigator should interview those most likely not guilty of the crime that could help lead to the suspect involved in the offense. Most non guilty suspects will help the most they can in an investigation. Maybe give information that can lead to the suspect responsible for the offense. It will also help get the truth in an interrogation. Maybe get a confession also.
Next if a case involves a robbery or assault, the victim should be interviewed first. The victim can give information vital to the investigation. This could help get the suspect involved in the crime.
Also, do not rely on an expert’s information on the time of death and time they were shot or killed. On these reports, they aren’t always right. Also remember when facts point to a person on an offense. That person is most likely the one who committed the crime. In some circumstances the person that committed the crime seems like they wouldn’t commit it, but sometimes the facts are right. In some cases the fact giver may have been physically threatened by the suspect. A fact giver can withhold information also.
Specific information of value to investigators: page 20

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