Criminal Investigations 2015-2016

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Investigators attempt to identify, charge, and prosecute the criminal population by operating within an ethical framework in diverse, sometimes uncertain, but always challenging circumstances.

This course is an introduction to the practices and procedures involved in conducting criminal investigations and will provide you with a working knowledge of the relevant principles, techniques, laws and procedures involved, along with an integration of modern tools . You will learn basic theoretical concepts and apply them to the basic elements necessary for criminal case resolution. Topics include learning major goals of investigations, primary functions and responsibilities of investigating officers/agents, specialized investigations and the investigator's relationship with other individuals and agencies involved in an investigation.


As a prerequisite to this class you should have engaged in the prior study of such classic material as South Park, The X-Files or the new BattleStar Galatica (not the old one, ugh). Any of the three will promote a better understanding of the contents of this site.

Dr. Michael Thompson
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