Criminal Procedure

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As will become quickly evident, in our system of law, when we speak of “criminal procedure” we are referring to the limitations imposed on the actions of the various actors in the criminal justice system. In this class we will focus primarily on the issues relating to police conduct under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the federal Constitution. We will also address a few aspects of the First Amendment as it pertains to when the police, prosecutors and courts may restrict such behavior. Also, we will review the Sixth Amendment – the right to counsel and its effect on interrogation.

We will interpret and analyze case law so to expand criminal procedure beyond the ivory-tower of the classroom and focus on the real world impact of these rules. It is my goal for you to reflect on the issues, gain insight into the underlying process and learn innovative applications for old rules in new situations. Remember, all of this material is Microwave Safe and available in assorted flavors. But, you should avoid prolonged contact with the skin. If DROWSINESS occurs, it shouldn't be surprising.

Dr. Michael Thompson

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