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This course involves the study of the prevention, detection, apprehension, and prosecution of cybersecurity violators and cybercriminals. Do not use this course as an excuse to become a hacker because serious penalties apply to any wrongdoing directed at equipment or property not your own. This course covers computer vulnerabilities in a way that is smart, prudent, and responsible. At no time will explicit, step-by-step instructions be given for exploiting security vulnerabilities, and no one will learn how to write a virus or worm in this course. You will, however, learn exactly how law enforcement agencies and Chief Security Officers of organizations go about investigating cybersecurity intrusions as well as secure their systems from breaches and vulnerabilities.

No special laboratory or classroom is required for this course. However, students will need either their own computer (preferred) or authorized access to a school lab computer. I will provide students with some assignments that may mention licensed and unlicensed software, and in all cases, freeware or shareware is involved. Expect to be required to download some software off the Internet and install it on a computer you have administrative privileges on, or alternatively, to use web-based applications software that I point you to by giving you the Internet address.

It is preferred (but not absolutely necessary) that students have their own personal computer equipped with some anti-virus program and firewall. You will find that most assignments can be more easily completed on such a home computer connected to the Internet, but it is possible to do the assignments on a school lab computer with limited network privileges.

Dr. Michael Thompson

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