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This introductory course provides a look at the theory and concepts of computer security in networked systems. We will review security issues and policies with regard to hardware, software development, databases, operating systems and networks as well as the use of encryption. The more common attacks on systems will be covered. Vulnerability assessment tools and techniques for defending systems will also be explored in various projects.

You don't need any special computer knowledge or skills, this is a cursory look at the systems. Nor is any special laboratory or lab classroom required. You might download some shareware off the Internet for doing assignments, its mostly reading and following instructions to give you a hands on feel of computer security applications.

WARNING If you have any inclination to become a hacker you should be aware there are serious penalties (expulsion and prosecution) that apply to any wrongdoing directed at College equipment or property not your own. In accordance with Microsoft's Security Response Center's stance on information anarchy, this course covers computer vulnerabilities in a way that is smart, prudent, and responsible. At no time will explicit, step-by-step instructions be given for exploiting security vulnerabilities, and no one will learn how to write a virus or worm in this course.

Dr. Michael Thompson
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