Criminal Justice Faculty

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Dr. Angela Dijanic-Rogers

Director Forensic Investigation
1255 S. Range, Colby, KS 67701
Ph: 785-460-5423 / E-mail: ude.ccybloc|cinajid.alegna#ude.ccybloc|cinajid.alegna


Education: Cornell University, Ph.D. and M.S. (Environmental Science); Virginia Polytechnic and State University, B.S. (Biology)

Relevant Professional Certificates: Medicolegal Death Investigation; Forensic Drug Chemistry; Criminalistics

Appointments: Special Deputy Coroner - Northwest Kansas

Fellowships National Science Foundation; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control; Environmental Inquiry Research Partnership

Publications including articles on Edaphology, Allelopathy, Biogeochemical Trends in Micropopulations, Carbon Sequestration

Research Specific Features of Medicolegal Death Investigation; Public Health Death Investigation; Urogenital System Autopsy; Ursus americana gestation stressors; Microinjection Ulmus americana; Infectious Diseases - Global Trends, Disease Resistance, Pedagogical Assessment Techniques, Science Outreach/Distance Education, Deviant Animal Behavior

Current Courses Taught Biology, Chemistry, Soil Science, Botany, Zoology, Criminalistics, Introduction to Forensic Sciences, Medicolegal Death Investigation, Biohazard Disaster Preparedness

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