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Elisabeth Copeland, Instructor Enforcement and Punishment

1255 S. Range, Colby, KS 67701
Ph: 785-460-5537 / E-mail: ude.ccybloc|dnalepoc.htebasile#ude.ccybloc|dnalepoc.htebasile

Education:Lisa earned her Associates of Arts degree majoring in Criminal Justice from Colby Community College and her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Corrections from Washburn University. She is a certified Victim-Offender mediator as well as a Parent-Adolescent mediator. This facilitator of Thinking for a Change and Parenting With Love and Limits is taser certified, trained in chemical repellants, transportation, special searches and use of force.


Career: A 20 year veteran of criminal justice service, she has worked in the field of Law Enforcement in sworn positions in Dickinson and Decatur counties. Additionally, she has worked in the field of Juvenile Justice as a Juvenile Corrections Officer, Juvenile Prevention Officer, and Juvenile Probation Officer in Kansas. Lisa has also worked in the field of Adult Corrections as a case manager for the Nebraska Department of Corrections, and currently, she is a skill developer for the Kansas Department of Corrections in staff development. Her responsibilities include researching and developing curriculum that will be delivered to Community Corrections personnel across the state.

Lisa also coaches and mentors Community Corrections Staff after training is delivered. All curriculum is evidence based and incorporates the risk reduction philosophy that has been adopted by the State of Kansas. Lisa is currently certified to deliver training in Advanced Communication and Motivational Strategies, Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Tools, and Case Management.

Favorite Quote: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world," Mahatma Gandhi.

Welcome Everyone!

I am currently instructing in the Corrections, Law Enforcement and Juvenile Justice strands of our curriculum. I fully believe that healthy debate and discussion enhance the learning environment. It is okay to question! If you have eny questions, please contact me at ude.ccybloc|dnalepoc.htebasile#ude.ccybloc|dnalepoc.htebasile or at||ChtebasilE.

Elisabeth Copeland
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