History & Future

The historical aspect of terrorism can be very complex. The terrorist depends on who the historical account was from. When you study history you don’t realize you are studying terrorism. You think you are just learning about a war or specific situation in a certain country. When you add the element of terrorism to the history it looks completely different. I found it interesting that some people would say America was founded on terrorism. It could be possible. Not everyone supported the revolution. What about those people loyal to the crown? They were probably terrorized by the revolutionaries. You can see terror in history when a certain group goes beyond the normal warfare. But then again, what is normal? That answer is different for every culture.
Ancient Rome was plagued with terrorism. There was always a coup attempting to overtake the throne. Even the senators were threatened continuously. It was about getting power and maintaining it. Then you have the state plaguing their own people with terror. When I think about what Stalin and Lenin did to their own people, it makes me sick. It makes me wonder if the revolutionaries really thought they were better off after a few years under Stalin. I read about his daughter on the internet not long ago. She talked about her father kindly when she was young, however as she grew her memories became very harsh. She spent her later years living in the US with a different identity. It doesn’t surprise me that organized crime somewhat took over after the fall of the Soviet Union. It wasn’t something that was planned with a transition period. With the fall of communism something had to take it’s place. The KGB had to go somewhere. The smaller countries left after the fall seemed to be the worst off. Georgia and Kosovo are so small and ungoverned it’s easy to see how Islamist extremist can reign. And even if extremists don’t reign, they tend to be a country of buy, sell, and trade.
Then you get to the “terrorists” of today. Those specific groups who believe they are waging a religious war. I think for the most part they just want to be left alone. With our global/international economy that is almost impossible. I think they believe they are at a cross point. They didn’t see discussions or sanctions changing anything. Some could say they are at a point of desperation, yet some could say it is an honor to die for the cause. I’m sure some of our revolutionaries felt that way. When you start taking terrorism apart it can become hard to determine who is really the terrorist. How do you argue with the jihad believing they will enter paradise if they die killing the infidel?
The future of terrorism has the potential to be very deadly. I would have to agree with bin Laden that America’s weakness is our economy. Our other weakness is to not take this on as a war, a modern war. Just as “they” see it as a holy war. Or is it? Is it really the right thing to treat these acts as terror attacks or just another crime? Do we want to give them that mark of importance?

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