Intro to Criminal Justice 2018

Welcome to Introduction to Criminal Justice.

This course is designed around four key themes.

1. The field of criminal justice is interdisciplinary and shares elements from criminology, sociology, law, history, psychology, and poitical science.

2. Criminal justice involves public policies that are developed within the framework of the democratic process.

3. The concept of a social system is an essential tool for analyzing the way criminal justice is practiced.

4. American values, the foundation on which criminal justice in a democracy is based.

In this course students are provided a strong foundation of information about the criminal justice system and it's primary components. It is my aim to provide both the essential content and the critical tools involved in understanding the criminal justice system. I maintain this course site and continually up-to-date the material and work to make the content appealing. I make a vast course resource available to you the students in the lecture bibliographies. You are directed to original sources and databases that augment information being presented. This course also includes a comparative perspective which describes a component of the criminal justice system in another country. I hope you will find this course a valuable learning experience.

Dr. Michael Thompson

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